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I was born in Brazil and came to the US in 1992.  After working in retail for many years, I set up my own store in Orlando, FL.  That store grew into three locations in three different cities.  With the death of my husband, I decided to work for Bank of America where I grew my career as a personal banker,  12 years of banking and was time to adventure again.  I met Elder, my business partner thru banking and very grateful for that.  We both endure in this journey to fulfill the needs of the Latin community bringing Spanish products, language, knowledge and willingness to serve.

Carla Rodriguez
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Elder Soria

Why did I get into Pharmacy School? I have always loved Chemistry and Biology and pharmacy is the best combination of both.... I LOVE my profession.

My education began at Havana University, in Cuba. In 1994 I graduated Havana University with honors and started working at a lab that focused on medicinal plants. In 1997 I moved to Chile, South America, where I worked as teacher for Pharmacy Technicians and received my degree as Pharmacist-Chemist from Universidad de Chile in Santiago. After getting my degree I worked as Pharmacist Manager for Ahumadas and Salco-Brand retail pharmacies.

I came to the US in 2002, starting from scratch again with surviving jobs until I was hired by Walgreens as a Pharmacy Technician in the summer of 2003. Shortly after, I became an Pharmacy Intern and eventually, in 2006, I received my pharmacy license. After that, I continued to work for Walgreens for just shy of 12 years. I left the company to join Carla in creating America's Pharmacy.

My goals in opening America's Pharmacy are to be able to give personalized attention to my patients, to offer new services like Diabetes and Hypertension awareness and follow up work with chronic conditions. I am proud to offer fast and friendly service to families in my area for the same price as BIG BUCKS companies. Also we can offer pharmacy service in Spanish and Portuguese to the people who have difficulties expressing themselves in English.
I know America's Pharmacy will make the difference for Americans and Latinos alike...

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